Nellykini Swimwear

Handmade & Unique - founded by two sisters in Zurich, Switzerland

Nellykini Swimwear was founded by two passionate sisters who
wanted to bring creativity to swimwear for both men and women.

Nellykini Swimwear is made with special and finest fabrics.
The handmade women's and men’s swimwear items are designed specifically to
showcase the uniqueness and creativity of the brand.

Swimwear is available for both men and women in
various designs, styles, and colors.

Meet the team

We are Nelly & Dalia Chriqui, the Founders of Nellykini. Read more about our story and explore our products along the way.

Free shipping in Switzerland over CHF 150.00 — Free shipping in Switzerland over CHF 150.00 — Free shipping in Switzerland over CHF 150.00 — Free shipping in Switzerland over CHF 150.00 —

Women Swimwear

Nellykini women's swimwear is available in a beautiful
handmade design with unique colors and styles. The fabric used in the making of
our special swimwear is chosen after traveling all through Europe. Nellykini
selected the finest quality fabrics to make the experience of their customers

The fabric of our swimwear is high-quality polyamide and
spandex that are long-lasting, comfortable, and breezy. Our women's swimwear
should be hand washed or dry cleaned. The swimwear pieces need to be hung dry
in the shade and not tumble dry.

Certain tanning oils, sunscreens, a high amount of chlorine,
and fake tan may stain or damage the swimwear.

So, don’t just sit there scrolling. Go on order yours now
and enjoy the ultimate fashion and comfort of Nellykini Swimwear

Zurich Store

Yeay, we finally opened our first official Nellykini Store in the heart of Zurich, right next to Stripped Pizza. Say hi & swing by!

Men Swimwear

Nellykini swimwear for men is customizable. So you can put
some letters or numbers on the shorts!

Men's swimwear is designed with amazing colors. The material
of the shorts is super comfortable and breezy. The shorts are available in a
cool and unique design with outstanding hues to make the experience of the
customer epic!

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now and customize
them any way you want.

Handmade & Unique Swimwear — Handmade & Unique Swimwear — Handmade & Unique Swimwear — Handmade & Unique Swimwear —

Phone Case Necklace

Nellykini features amazing ropes or necklaces for
smartphones as well that are useful and stylish. These beautiful ropes will
keep your hands free. They are available in different colors to match our
swimwear and your style. There are also charms available to choose from along
with your chains.

So no more losing phones when on the beach. Choose our
amazing necklace phone cases. 

Sunglasses/Mask Chains

Nellykini Mask chains and sunglasses chains are the coolest
accessories ever made! Our exceptional quality chains will give you effortless
handling so there is no fear of losing your sunglasses or mask again.

Nellykini mask and sunglasses chains are manufactured with
top-quality real stones that are ideal to turn simple accessories into
something extraordinary. There are also charms available to choose from along
with your chains.

So why wait? When Nellykini is offering such beautiful


Nellykini offers the ultimate solution in the form of
beautiful colored keychains to keep your important belongings together!

Our key chains are available in a range of eye-catching
colors to match your unique style!

The neck-ropes are adjustable so you can choose your desired
length and keep all your keys and other belongings with you always.

We wish you a lot of fun customizing your keychains! You can
customize them with metallic and charms. 
So no more lost keys when you have Nellykini neck keychains
to keep your belongings together!

Why Nellykini?

100% Handmade

All our Bikinis & Bodies are handmade in Switzerland, designed & sewed in our Atelier in Dielsdorf

100% for YOU

We care about all shapes & sizes and create products that fit every individual bodytype

Beach Bags

Nellykini premium beach bags are finally introduced! They
are the perfect accessory to rock your whole swimwear outfit on any beach
across the world!

Nellykini beach bags are customizable so, you can
personalize them with letters or numbers. The most amazing thing about our
beach bags is that they are made from premium material that is sand proof and

Our beach bags are available in nine different and
outstanding colors and styles with additional shoulder straps.

Soon they will be available online for purchase until then,
you can visit our store in Zurich and avail yourself of the chance of getting
yourself perfect beach bags to rock your beach Nellykini outfit.